“The ideal presentation of any book of mine is to have excellent actors perform it in audio-only format.”-Orson Scott Card

Well, here at Skyboat, we’re happy to accommodate. We have been the exclusive producers and narrators of Orson Scott Card;s audiobooks for over two decades. It’s soemthing of which we are deeply proud.

In CHILDREN OF THE FLEET, the first volume of THE FLEET SCHOOL SERIES,  we get to hear the story of the Fleet in space, parallel to the story on Earth told in the ENDER’S SHADOW series.

Check out this amazing full-cast production.

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SkyCast List

Mazer Rackham-Orson Scott Card

Dabeet Ochoa-Stefan Rudnicki

Amaru Manko-P.J. Ochlan

Hyram Graff-Stefan Rudnicki

Urska Kaluza-Gabrielle de Cuir

Daisuke Quiviger-Kristoffer Tabori

Ender Wiggin-Kirby Heyborne

Cynthia Munk-Judy Young

Gusti-Richard Gilliland


Frequently we get asked:  in what order should I listen to the audiobooks? Click here for a history of the audiobooks and a chronological story-line listening guide to the Ender Universe audiobooks.

Photo by Terry Manier

About the author: ORSON SCOTT CARD is the author of the beloved classic of science fiction, Ender’s Game, the bestselling Ender’s Shadow series, as well as the acclaimed fantasy series The Tales of Alvin Maker.  In addition to writing, he teaches occasional classes and workshops and directs plays.  He lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.


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