The Team


Grammy and Audie and Hugo winning producers Stefan Rudnicki and Gabrielle de Cuir have a pooled source of experience to handle any project, from single narrations, author narrations to multi-voice large cast productions.  We pioneered the multi-voice third-person point-of-view production with Ender’s Game.  We do it all.

Production and Acquisitions

Molly Kazimiroff is our talented Production Coordinator and Executive Consultant in charge of publications. Alison Belle Bews not only directs, but heads up Production Admin and assists in audiobook research, content and anthologies. We could not flourish without these amazing women.


We take great pride and time and care in working with clients to achieve the perfect “match” in casting.  Years of experience in theatre and film has honed our casting skills to a T.  We work with over 200 established narrators. We have a roster in the hundreds.  We are proud that they consider us part of their family.  Many of these relationships go back decades.


Each member of our experienced team of directors is sensitive to both author intent and the needs of the narrators.  These superstars include Audie-award winning Cassandra de Cuir, and Claire Bloom, Alison Belle Bews, Paul Boehmer and Susan Hanfield.  Our directors take great care and pride in being a steadfast support to the talent while zealously protecting author intent.  Many of our directors have strong literary and performing backgrounds which is a great gift in the studio sessions.


We have three elegant and comfortable recording studios located in the San Fernando Valley in California, 20 minutes from Los Angeles.  Each studio is a private, comfortable and creatively “safe” space for the narrator to ply his or her trade.  We provide all the creature comforts needed.  Our Skyboat Isolation Tardis Booth is now available for rent during the COVID-19 crisis; click here to read more about this very safe space. The majority of our post-production is handled by the amazing group of editors and proofers at PhaseShiftAv in the UK.

Executive Village

It takes a village.  Our village includes: Judy Young who leads up SKYBOAT’s staff as Senior Operations Consultant. Jennifer Contreras keeps our facility spic-and-span and running smoothly, day in and day out.  Our events are catered by Donna, voted Number 1 caterer in Los Angeles again this year.  Alex Linares lends his creative photographic genius to our events and he is our go-to man on all shoots.   Georgios Lalechos keeps us all in good physical shape at his Olympic Stretch studio in Burbank.  And the author of Online Reputation Management For Dummies, Lori Randall Stradtman, helps us mind our p’s and q’s in the Social Media World.  Susan Scott, author of best-seller Fierce Leadership, keeps us, well, fierce.