The gorgeous Samantha Eggar; Photo by Alex Linares

The gorgeous Samantha Eggar as Major Jayadi

That’s all, folks!

Well, not all, but recording is wrapped.  All those hours of challenging and difficult and beautiful work are now stored both digitally and on a tiny little box.  And actually, when we put it like that, it makes us kind of nervous.  We sure hope someone knows where that box is, as it’ll all be headed to our genius editors in Colorado very, very soon.  (Good luck, Ted and Heather Scott!  We know you’ll work wonders!)

Our final day in the studio was made memorable by the matchless talents of Samantha Eggar, Richard McGonagle, Stefan Rudnicki, Vikas Adam, and John Rubinstein.  These pros make up the adults of Ender’s Game Alive, and if you’ve been following this production blog, you already know that listening to these vocal masters is absolute perfection.

And of course our Ender, Kirby Heyborne was here all afternoon too, melting our hearts and ears for a final time as Ender (or at least till this behemoth comes out and we listen to it on repeat for about a hundred years).  Working with him this past week has been an absolute dream (so much so that we gave him a little Standing O when his last line was wrapped; see video below).  And that goes for our entire cast, not to mention our crew, and hello?  Audible. com?  Orson Scott Card?  We wouldn’t even be here without you guys.  So I guess this is the part where we just give everyone a huge virtual hug and say THANK YOU to each and every soul who lent a hand in this production.  From picking up lunch to delivering a line perfectly to retweeting a video to balancing a budget to giving our directress a little afternoon pick-me-up to writing the darn thing, no task large or small goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

This Ender’s Game Alive thing was raised by a village, ne?

And if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: it’s over, but it ain’t over.  Keep following us on Twitter for the latest news, videos, and endless project excitement.

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