Gabrielle, Stefan, and Cassandra; Photo by Alex Linares

Gabrielle, Stefan, and Cassandra at the Console

Today was our second to last day in the studio, and even though we’re overworked and over-caffeinated, we’re also getting a little over-sad, because tomorrow we say goodbye to recording (and hello to post-production), and truth be told, we’re really going to miss this Ender’s Game Alive family.  And so it was only fitting that today’s line-up was all about family—the Wiggin Family, of course—and boy did we have some special folks cast for that flock.

Gabrielle took a break from the director’s chair to take on that of Ender’s mother Theresa, making us all go a little weepy in the moment when she had to send her young son off to Battle School.  The wonderful Arthur Morey stepped in to play John Paul, Ender’s loving and rather funny father.  The wickedly funny Paul Boehmer brought both hysteria and heartbreak to Ender’s overbearing brother, Peter.  And the lovely Susan Hanfield swept in to steal all our hearts as Ender’s sister Valentine, especially in the lake scene, which, quite frankly, was nine pages of pure beauty.  Here’s a sneak peek of those two at work:

Beautiful, right?  It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will be our last day of hearing this amazing story, but our hearts are full with knowing that there’s still plenty more still left to do: scoring, editing, recording sound effects, and more, not to mention sharing all of this wonderful—and much of it, hilarious (phone calls to OSC, anyone?)—footage we’ve amassed over the previous week.  And of course, the best part is knowing that in just a few months time, the world will be able to hear all the incredible things we’ve been hearing over the last few days.  After all, we can’t keep this all to ourselves forever.

Kirby Heyborne as Ender; Photo by Alex Linares

Kirby Heyborne as Ender; Photo by Alex Linares

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