Okay, we admit it.  We’re addicted…to AudioFile Magazine.  We’ve got stacks of them all around the studio, and we’ve been known to delight our way through a copy while scarfing down a bowl of soup in between recording sessions.  Founder and Editor Robin Whitten keeps her very wise finger on the pulse of all things audio, and we’re so thankful that she does.  When one is in the business of producing audiobooks, one can get a little lost in one’s own projects.  Our subscription to AudioFile keeps us up to date on all the other talented folks making this industry of ours a richer place.  We’d also like to turn a spotlight on AudiobookRex which is a great website and app when you want a simple and user friendly guide to the latest and best on audio.  See, Rex’s arms are too short to hold a book, so….he listens to audiobooks! Good dinosaur!

Kirby Heyborne as Ender; Photo by Alex Linares

Kirby Heyborne as Ender; Photo by Alex Linares

That said, AudioFile’s July newsletter just arrived in our inbox, and we’re thrilled to see our big summer project, ENDER’S GAME ALIVE, in the list of editor picks!  There’s lots of other goodies too, including a selection of great audiobooks for summer road trips, plus our own personal favorite, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, a fantastic memoir by Piper Kerman, narrated by our best buddy Cassandra Campbell.  The original Netflix series based on the book just hit our Roku box, and we can’t wait to start watching.

Thanks for including us, AudioFile!  And just in case you missed it, check out the video below in which Director Gabrielle de Cuir discusses the challenges of overseeing this unique and iconic project.




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