What Were We Thinking ?!?!  “What Were We Thinking,” you ask, by including the World’s Most Famous Brain Doctor in our SkyBook imprint? A Brain Doctor? We’re darn lucky, that’s what we’re thinking. Well, Gabrielle’s known to be a smart cookie, so listen to her tell you about her wonderful on-going “brain crush” on Doctor Daniel G. Amen and his masterful work at Amen Clinics. (Also, get a gander at her brain on a SPECT scan.  That’s gotta be a first in audiobooks!)

Skyboat in conjunction with the very brainy Blackstone Audio, has the honor of publishing three of Doctor Amen’s books. Our own sapient Stefan is narrating all three audiobooks. The good Doctor himself is an AMAZING reader. He garnered an Earphones Awards from Audiofile Magazine when working with Gabrielle at Random House), he’s a busy, busy, busy man. Listen to Doctor Amen tell you why these three books are so important to him:

A Parenting Manual?  You bet!

A Parenting Manual? You bet!

So, the first offering is NEW SKILLS FOR FRAZZLED PARENTS: THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL THAT SHOULD HAVE COME WITH YOUR CHILD, an upbeat, helpful, and incredibly practical parenting manual that we believe every parent on Earth should own. As we recall, no owners manual came with our Golden Girl Cassandra.  Lucky thing she turned out perfect, right? The second book is ADD IN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS. More than half of Doctor Amen’s practice surrounds the treatment of people with ADD. This book addresses the issues that can arise in relationships and goes a long way in easing the way for ADD couples. And last, but not least, the incredibly straight forward guide on HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. The book includes expert, practical advice on how to stop self-sabotaging your goals and dreams. This carefully crafted book includes a step-by-step guide to achieving your goals.

Relationships are always challenging, but those with ADD can benefit from the Brain Doctor's first hand knowledge.

Relationships are always challenging, but those with ADD can benefit from the Brain Doctor’s first hand knowledge.

Hey! Yes, you! Get Out Of Your Own Way!

The Washington Post called Dr. Daniel G. Amen “the most popular psychiatrist in America,” and boy is that true. Dr. Amen, a physician, psychiatrist, teacher, and New York Times bestselling author, is one of the world’s foremost experts on applying brain imaging science to everyday clinical practice. Not sure what brain imaging science is?  Might we prescribe a little TED Talk to clear up your confusion?

cover-audio-unchain your brain

Optimize your brain to break free of addictions

All three audiobooks are available through Downpour.com, Audible and Amazon. 

And there was simply too much wisdom to fit into three audiobooks, so we’ve added a fourth: UNCHAIN YOUR BRAIN: 10 STEPS TO BREAKING THE ADDICTIONS THAT STEAL YOUR LIFE. Are you chained to your addiction to smoking? Drinking? Sugar? Drugs? Food? Prescription painkillers? Caffeine? Internet porn? Gambling? Sex? When you are chained by an addiction, it can ruin your life, devastate your family, destroy your relationships, derail your career, lower your grades, and make you physically ill. Unchain Your Brain: 10 Steps to Breaking the Addictions That Steal Your Life is a practical, easy-to-follow step-by-step program that shows you how to boost your brain so you can kick your bad habits. –downpour.com

No excuses, now. Wise up. Sharpen your wits. You’re no slouch. Do something nice for your brain today, and listen to Doctor Amen’s advice and wisdom. We do.

The Amazing Doctor Daniel G. Amen!

The Amazing Doctor Daniel G. Amen!

Do headphones hurt the brain? Hmmm? The Amazing Stefan Rudnicki.

Do headphones hurt the brain? Hmmm? The Amazing Stefan Rudnicki.

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