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 A few weeks back we were lucky enough to take part in the The Digital Author and Self-Publishing Conference, cleverly known as the DA+SP, run by the fabulous folks at West Coast Writers’ Conference.  Below are some video highlights of the event.  And fret not dear friends: if you live in the LA area but missed our panel, we’re currently in the process of putting together plenty of fun stuff for the next one, Genre-LA, “a unique conference for literary and screen writers devoted to the craft and business of writing in specific genres and subgenres,” scheduled for February 8-9, 2014.  Please join us!

Our panel was called New Revenue Streams for Authors from Audiobooks, and we assembled a truly wonderful group: Mary Jane Wells, Gabrielle de Cuir, Stefan Rudnicki, Christian Rummel, Roxanne Hernandez, Dean Sluyter, and Jessica Kaye.  In just an hour, we discussed pretty much anything an author might need to know about making his or her book become an audiobook.  Watch the video above for our “10 Author Tips” and if you have more questions, send them our way on Twitter @SkyboatMedia or on our FaceBook page.  We love hearing from you!

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