Illustration by Galen Dara

Illustration by Galen Dara


We’re halfway through audiobook month!  How time flies listening to these amazing stories.

Here’s today’s gem:

In BREAKING THE FRAME by Kat Howard, a woman named Francesca is asked by a photographer to be his model.  “She said yes.  Of course she said yes.  There are no stories when people say no.”  Francesca becomes Vaughn’s muse and model, losing herself in nature—both figuratively and literally—until there is essentially nothing left.  Or there is something left.  It’s just not what was there before.

Narrator Stefan Rudnicki brings a soft and mysterious tone to this story that blurs the line between art imitating life and life imitating art.  Hear it for yourself below, then click on Lightspeed Magazine‘s Author Spotlight to learn more about the real-life photographer whose work inspired this haunting tale.


Kat Howard’s short fiction has appeared in Apex, Subterranean, and previously in Lightspeed.  She is the content editor at, and spends far too much time on twitter as @KatWithSword.

Kat Howard

Kat Howard

Stefan Rudnicki is a Grammy and Audie Award winner who has narrated and/or produced over 3,500 audiobooks.  He has a dozen published books to his name, and has been seen in more than 80 stage productions on both coasts and abroad.  He is the co-founder of Skyboat Media and Podcast Producer for Lightspeed.

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