Battle scenes galore!  Dragons!  Toguro!  Bonzaii!

Pretty much everyone from yesterday joined in the fun today to fight about a million battle scenes in zero-gee, including that oh-so-iconic Ender moment that everyone’s been waiting for: The enemy’s gate is down! Kirby absolutely nailed that line—no surprise there—a fact fully proven by the absolute silence that followed.  Yup, it was that good.  Goose-bump-o-rama. And while we’re gonna make you wait for that incandescent moment (don’t worry, only till October!), we’ve got a sneak peek of a different moment to lighten the blow.

In addition our old pals from yesterday, we added a few new cast members to Ender’s Jeesh: Vikas Adam played Ender’s indispensable left-hand man Fly Molo, (among others); Karyn O’Bryant wowed us all with Crazy Tom’s cackle (among other things); and Emily Bews took on the character with the best nickname ever, Hot Soup (and yep, you guessed it, a few more than that).  No stranger to the Ender material, Emily Rankin herself (nee Emily Janice Card) played young Bean so well that we thought she might slip into one of the studio air ducts at any time.  And Tony Award winner John Rubinstein‘s passion for battle was catching as he stepped into the booth as none other than Major Anderson.  See some of these players  in the fabulous video above.

And as much as we love sharing sneak peeks from the studio, we can’t help but fuel the fire of our own senses of humor.  I mean, we’ve got some talented folks in the studio here, but boy are these people funny!  So we’re making the most of that.  Anytime you see the hashtag #EGAD, know that it stands for ENDER’S GAME ALIVE DRAMA, as in, our own little drama behind the scenes.  From Mr. Card himself getting silly with Stefan Rudnicki in EGAD #5 to our very own Director Gabrielle de Cuir agonizing over casting her beloved role of Valentine in EGAD #2 to Impressionist Jim Meskimen doing his best/worst accents in EGAD #6, this is a fun little series you will not want to miss.  And if you have, don’t fret: just check out our FB page to get caught up!

Goodnight, dear readers.  And stay tuned for tomorrow!

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