The team at Skyboat is super excited to be headed to LoneStarCon3 at the end of August.  Not only are we thrilled to rub elbows with the best sci-fi and fantasy writers—not to mention fans—in the whole galaxy, but we actually get to be involved in the festivities—and in a multitude of ways to boot.  Here’s how the weekend is shaping up so far:

PANELS: Both Gabrielle and Stefan have been asked to join in on some terrific panels with some even more terrific people—more on that fascinating bunch soon, we promise—on topics such as social media, book marketing, and podcast creation.  Yes!  Stay tuned as we roll out more details on these soon.

FILM FESTIVAL: We just caught word that THE DELIVERY, a short film written and directed by Gabrielle and produced by Stefan (and, we can’t help but mention, made up of a fabulous cast of actors, many of whom can also be seen in latest massive undertaking, ENDER’S GAME ALIVE, has made it into LoneStar’s film festival.  If you happen to be attending, our time is 3:30pm on Saturday.  Don’t miss it!  (And if you still need convincing, check out the trailer above!)

HUGO AWARDS: We’ve already mentioned that Stefan—along with John Joseph Adams, Editor of both Lightspeed and Nightmare Magazines—is a finalist for a Hugo this year in the category of Best Semiprozine for his work with Lightspeed Magazine.  The awards are Sunday night.  Keep your fingers crossed for us, please!  And your toes!

Now, if only we could find our cowboy hats…

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