Release Date: June 17, 2014
Directors: Claire Bloom and Judy Young / Publishers: Skyboat Media & Blackstone Audio

“Most notable about all of these oft-apocalyptic novellas—excluding their common acceptance that organic life is destined to be superseded—is their essential vivacity. This volume presents five glorious adventures bound to delight anyone with an abiding curiosity about the distant future.”

Publishers Weekly

Five novellas of hard science fiction by five modern masters of the form, brought together by Nebula Award winning author Gregory Benford.

In addition to being an author, Benford is a physicist and educator and has served as an advisor to the Department of Energy, NASA and the White House Council on Space Policy. In FAR FUTURES, he has used his considerable expertise to compile a fascinating anthology of novellas, all set at least ten thousand years in the future. 

The last moments of a universe besieged occupy Greg Bear’s Judgment Engine. Can something human matter at the very end of creation, as contorted matter ceases to have meaning and time itself stutters to an eerie halt?

Genesis by Poul Anderson is set a billion years ahead, when humanity has become extinct. Earth is threatened by the slowly warming sun, and vast machine intelligences decide to recreate humans.

Donald Kingsbury contributes Historical Crisis, a starting work on the prediction of the human future that challenges the foundations of psychohistory, as developed in Isaac Asimov’s famous Foundation Trilogy.

Joe Haldeman’s For White Hill confronts humanity with hostile aliens who remorselessly grind down every defense against them. A lone artist struggles to find a place in this distant, wondrous future when humanity seems doomed.

In At the Eschaton by Charles Sheffield, a man tries to rescue his dying wife from oblivion by hurling himself forward, in both space and time, to the very end of the universe itself.

Five novellas set in the future brought to life today by five narrators: Stefan Rudnicki, Alex Hyde-White, Vikas Adam, Paul Boehmer, and Susan Hanfield.  Full Table of Contents below!

Judgment Engine – written by Greg Bear, narrated by Stefan Rudnicki

Genesis – written by Poul Anderson, narrated by Vikas Adam and Paul Boehmer

Historical Crisis – written by Donald Kingsbury, narrated by Vikas Adam, Alex Hyde-White, Susan Hanfield, and Stefan Rudnicki

For White Hill – written by Joe Haldeman, narrated by Stefan Rudnicki

At the Eschaton – written by Charles Sheffield, narrated by Alex Hyde-White

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