It’s quiet, it’s clean, it’s safe … and it’s all yours!

Skyboat is offering to our exclusive publishing clients the availability of a whole new concept in audiobook recording as we face the distancing issues of COVID-19. This studio is especially geared toward celebrity and author readers, or complex projects which require an established industry audiobook director.

Our new studio is located in our same facility, but is now reconfigured in complete isolation for the narrator. The studio is furnished tastefully and with the narrator’s comfort in mind. The narrator has private parking, can access the studio from a separate outside entrance, and never need see another soul. (Although we do recommend one brief 5-10 minute visit from our masked/gloved engineer on Day One to set mic position.) Communication with the director is via headphones and remote camera.


The Sound

  • Audie winning Directors Gabrielle de Cuir and Cassandra de Cuir are available to direct from the Tardis Console (isolated from Talent)
  • Professional studio sound from Grammy winning Skyboat Media
  • Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic, DBX 376 and soundproof booth with floor noise at -80db
  • Veteran Award-winning audiobook directors/engineers
  • We can offer full post production at an additional cost

The Covid Precautions

  • Private entrance to the voice over studio
  • Director is located in a separate area from talent
  • One five minute interaction per project to set microphone position with masked/gloved engineer; then talent is in total isolation
  • Medical Grade HEPA air scrubber running continuously
  • Masked/Gloved nightly cleaning with CA-gov approved products
  • Certified Health Education Services Manager on site
  • Disposable wipes, masks and sanitizer stations throughout
  • Bathroom used only by talent
  • Headphones sanitized nightly with disposable ear covers
  • No two narrators on same day
  • 24 hours downtime between narrators

The Celebrity Level Perks

  • Private parking space 12 feet from studio entrance
  • Peaceful atmosphere with solid, comfortable furnishings
  • High speed Internet at 210 mps
  • En-Suite bathroom for exclusive use
  • Private Coffee/Tea facilities
  • Private microwave and fridge
  • Outdoor seating area for breaks and meals

Our isolation audiobook booth is located in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Please contact Stefan Rudnicki at or (818) 672-6244 for availability and rates.

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