I have always loved Oscar Season. The fun, the buzz, the films. And I come by it very honestly.
I grew up on Oscar’s lap.

My father, John De Cuir, was the legendary production designer of such films as The King and I, Cleopatra and Hello, Dolly, all for which he won the gold statuette. This was before CGI folks; he actually built the city of Cleopatra’s Alexandria (four times over to boot!), the Sistine Chapel of The Agony and The Ecstasy and 1890’s New York Street in Hello, Dolly! One of my dreams is to restore his now deteriorating sketches and transparencies from his stunning film sketches. Check out his bio and feast your eyes on the magnificence of his work as an illustrator. He was truly a daVinci of Hollywood.

I miss him this time of year. He was spectacular.

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One Response to Oscar Night

  1. Eleah Horwitz says:

    I hope the restoration becomes a reality. I would LOVE to see your father’s sketches someday!

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