We’ve recorded a lot of fabulous books, and a lot of high-flyers in show business have crossed over the humble threshold of Skyboat Media’s Studios.

But none fairer than Janis Ian. No nightingale has sung so mellifluously. Her story is compelling, her delivery is heart-rending, and her voice is superb.
There was exhaustive discussion about how the opening of each chapter would be treated. The result is Janis singing a few lines of the appropriate song and then making a smooth segue into the actual text of her autobiography. Sweet.

And now she’s being courted by Grammy.

Last time I attended the GRAMMY event, I was floored by the overwhelming presence of star-quality music in the air. Seeing Clapton and B. B. King perform together, watching a tribute film to Otis Redding!

This time I’m going as Janis Ian’s producer/director.

It’s pretty heady stuff.

We at Skyboat Media are counting our blessings, and running out of fingers this month.

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