June is audiobook month, and we wanted to do something special.  Like, out of this world special.  

And frankly, when we’re in the mood to let our minds wander off to places unknown, there’s only one speed at which we like to travel: Lightspeed.  Helmed by best-selling anthologist and editor John Joseph Adams, Lightspeed is a monthly science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes “a mix of originals and reprints,” and features “a variety of authors—from the bestsellers and award-winners you already know to the best new voices you haven’t heard of yet.”  In addition to its mind-bogglingly terrific fiction, Lightspeed also includes featured interviews, author spotlights, and weekly podcasts, which is, yep, you guessed it, where Skyboat zooms in. (Insert sci-fi zoomy FX here. (Spell check doesn’t like the word “zoomy.”))

Each month, Stefan joins forces with Lightspeed to produce audiobook-style podcasts for four of the magazine’s eight stories, pairing the industry’s most talented narrators with some of the most exciting sci-fi and fantasy fiction of today.  Add the talents of Podcast Host Jack Kincaid and Podcast Editor Jim Freund, and you’ve got yourself some serious ear candy.  (Insert ear candy noise here.)

For his work with Lightspeed, Stefan, along with John Joseph Adams, is nominated for a 2013 Hugo Award—the Oscars of the sci-fi dimension, if you will—in the category of Best Semiprozine, so they must be doing something right.

As our ode to audiobook month, we’ll post one story per day for the month of June for your listening pleasure.  Get ready for werewolves, hurtling meteors, and twisted fairy tales, and that’s just what we have planned for the first few days!

And this is just as much an ode to the authors who write these fabulous tales.  We wish to sing their praises.  Because it’d be pretty quiet in the booth without them.  So let’s celebrate the talents of these amazing new and not-so-new writers.

Stay tuned! (Insert werewolf howl here.)

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