From Anne Rice to Count Chocula to Twilight, contemporary culture’s vampirical notions have been stretched far and thin, and after literally hundreds of books and films about the bloodsucker that started it all, are we really in need of a new rendition?  In a word?  Absolutely.

AudioFile Magazine calls’s multi-voiced performance of Bram Stoker’s epic horror story “remarkably suspenseful and chilling.”  With a stellar cast that includes vocal heavyweights such as Alan Cumming and Tim Curry, it’s no wonder that the result caught the attention of the Audies judges, leading them to name DRACULA as a finalist in three categories: Best Classic, Best Multi-Voiced Performance, and the coveted Distinguished Award in Audio Production.

Skyboat Media had the honor of hosting Mr. Curry as he created on audio the iconic character of Van Helsing, a character Stoker wrote as a man with “an iron nerve, a temper of the ice-brook, and indomitable resolution, self-command and toleration.”  So, no pressure.  Skyboat was relatively quiet for the holidays, but that didn’t stop Skyboat Director (and Audie-award narrator) Paul Boehmer from stepping in to direct Mr. Curry down a path of German accents, garlic necklaces, and good old-fashioned vampire hunting.

Click here for an audio preview of this sensational cast.  We dare your arms hairs not to stand up on end.





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One Response to FINALIST #3: DRACULA

  1. Claire Bloom says:

    Delightful interview, Paul! You’re a rock star.

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