As you all have got to know by now—unless this is your first visit to our blog, in which case, welcome and have a seat—we have been knee-deep in post-production for our very own summer blockbuster project, ENDER’S GAME ALIVE.  At this point, the project is primarily in the adept hands of our sound genii team, Ted and Heather Scott of 50 Nugget Wash.  Watch a snippet of the latest Skype meeting between Gabrielle, Stefan, Ted, and Heather to hear them discuss getting the room tones right for a shower and a kitchen in which bacon sizzles.

And luckily, we’ve got even more access for you, this time through a mini-sound-genius, who, not surprisingly, is made up of that same Scott DNA.  While his parents are hard at work, our in the field reporter, 13-year-old Shankara Scott, brings us behind-the-scenes footage from the Colorado studio.  Watch his delightfully informative video on sound effects above, and if you missed his first video, take a couple of minutes to watch that here.

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