Release Date: November 10, 2015
Author: W. DeLaney
Director: Jodi Dorries / Publisher: Skyboat Media

Blanche Bianco, a fifteen-year-old girl, reluctantly transfers to a high school 250 miles north of Brooklyn, where her mother was educated. Beautiful in a flashy sort of way and with a Brooklyn accent, she thinks she’s an outcast. Then she meets Ken, a student athlete of unexpected quality but limited means because of a broken home.

Blanche doesn’t treat Ken differently just because he is poor, and they quickly forge a strong relationship—one that cracks when Blanche returns to Brooklyn High School of the Arts for her senior year before enrolling at the Brooklyn College of Performing Arts.

Having not seen each other for three years, Ken and Blanche meet in the summer and spend five days together. But when Blanche is engaged to a Hollywood producer as a publicity stunt, she becomes concerned that Ken will do something violent. –downpour.com

Skyboat’s Gabrielle de Cuir gets in touch with her inner Brooklyn Dime to bring this sweet love story to life. Purchase your copy today!

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