Release Date: April 8, 2014
Director: Claire Bloom / Publishers: Skyboat Media & Blackstone Audio

“Malzberg makes persuasively clear that the best of science fiction should be valued as literature and nothing else.”

Washington Post Book World

Combine horse race gambling addicts and aliens determined to take over the Earth and…well, you can see why it would take a gifted author to pull this off. Rest assured Barry N. Malzberg does so, with gusto we might add.

The set-up: Earth was a planet of incompetents, but Simmons was the greatest loser of all. It seemed as if the powers of the Universe were concentrated on grinding his small soul into ultimate insignificance, until the aliens came. To them, Simmons was the most important human on the planet—for only through his mind could they overcome this world.

The man behind the prose: Barry N. Malzberg is a writer and editor of numerous science fiction anthologies and magazines. The author of more than 50 books and more than 250 short stories, he won the first John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the Year’s Best Science Fiction, has won two Locus Awards for essay collections, and has been a finalist for Hugo and Nebula awards. He is just as fascinating as he sounds; check out our interview with him!

The man behind the audio: Stefan Rudnicki. He’s been a fan of Malzberg for many, many years and he was determined to narrate this one himself. Add in some direction from the hawk-eyed Claire Bloom, and we think he pulled it off, with gusto we might add!

An original plot, an inventive author, and a skilled narrator – you’re going to want to hear this. Pick up your copy today!

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