Release Date: November 8, 2016
Author: Lee French
Book: 1
Directed by Jodi Dorries /Published by Skyboat Media

A clever, feel-good opening to a fantasy series with a tenacious heroine.

Kirkus Reviews

For your listening pleasure, Skyboat Media presents the first installment of The Spirit Knights Series:  Girls Can’t Be Knights by Lee French.

Claire Terdan has had a difficult time of it.  She’s fifteen years old  AND she’s an orphan.  She’s living in a group foster home in Portland, Oregon.  Shortly after starting at her new school, she gets suspended for punching out a bully.  Things could be better.

In town, Claire meets Justin, as he’s coming out of the Oregon Historical Society with a hat he just borrowed (stole). Did we mention that Justin rides a (sarcastic) white horse and is dressed as a knight? A Spirit Knight, that is.

Claire  learns about the Spirit Knights, a brotherhood that protects the world from ghostly, vengeful Phasms. She also learns that she may be a Spirit Knight herself.  In spite of the fact that it’s usually been a boys club for over a thousand years.

Who says “Girls Can’t Be Knights?”

From the author of The Maze Beset Trilogy, comes this wonderful new series, brought to life by award-winning narrators Gabrielle de Cuir and Stefan Rudnicki.

Purchase your copy of GIRLS CAN’T BE KNIGHTS today.

Want to know what happens next?

Listen to the next installment, BACKYARD DRAGONS. Now available on downpour.com.

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