Release Date: March 28, 2017
Author: Lee French
Book: 4
Directed by Gabrielle de Cuir /Published by Skyboat Media

Skyboat Media is delighted to bring you the fourth installment of The Spirit Knights Series by Lee French.

In GHOST IS THE NEW NORMAL, award-winning narrators Gabrielle de Cuir and Stefan Rudnicki return to tell the continuing tale of Claire, Justin, Drew and company.  What’s next for these Spirit Knights, their sprites, their enemies, and everyone else in their world?

As the author says on her website, Claire has a big problem, Drew has a smaller problem, and Justin gets to have some fun.  Iulia causes trouble.  Avery is sensible.  Enion remains adorable and Tariel is still the only real grownup in the room.

That about sums it up.

Purchase your copy of GHOST IS THE NEW NORMAL today.

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