Release Date: May 5, 2016
Author: Ed Gorman
Published by Skyboat Media and ten12 Entertainment

Gorman knows how to keep the reader on the edge of his seat.

Science Fiction Chronicle

For your listening pleasure, Skyboat Media and Ten12 Entertainment are proud to present Different Kinds of Dead and Other Tales by Ed Gorman.

Hear why Kirkus Reviews calls Gorman “one of the most original writers in crime fiction today.”

For example:  A mysterious and beautiful girl who teaches arrogant young men about true love, a lonely traveling salesman who learns that his passenger is death, children who can absorb the psychic pain of their parents, a desperately pursued serial killer who hides his face under gauze in a hospital room, a woman who loves the alien infant nobody else wants…and there’s more.


List of stories included in this collection:

Different Kinds of Dead-read by Gabrielle de Cuir

Loverboy-read by Stefan Rudnicki

A Girl Like You-read by Moira Quirk

Yesterday’s Dreams-read by Stefan Rudnicki

Junior-read by Rex Linn

Emma Baxter’s Boy-read by Gabrielle de Cuir

Deathman-read by Stephen Hoye

Muse-read by Stefan Rudnicki

Riff-read by Arte Johnson

The Brasher Girl-read by Stephen Hoye

Survival-read by Stephen Hoye

Masque-read by Gabrielle de Cuir and Stefan Rudnicki

Second Most Popular-read by Aaron Johnston

The Broker-read by Arte Johnson

The Long Sunset-read by Stefan Rudnicki

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