Release Date: August 12, 2014
Author: W.E.B. DuBois
Director: Claire Bloom / Publisher: Skyboat Media & Blackstone Audio

Dr. DuBois is given to staring relentlessly at just those things upon which many people are careful to shut their eyes.

Robert F. Foerster, The Survey (1920)

2015 AUDIE FINALIST in CLASSIC category!

Published in 1920, DARKWATER: VOICES FROM WITHIN THE VEIL is a moving, literary autobiography that incorporates essays, spirituals, and poems and deals with themes such as racial discrimination and spirituality written by author, scholar, and activist, W.E.B. DuBois.

In this unique autobiography, Du Bois includes his response to the attacks made on African-Americans in a riot in September 1906 (“A Litany in Atlanta”), his thoughts on the status of African-American women in society (“The Damnation of Women”), and the impact of skin color upon religious belief (“Jesus Christ in Texas”).

For a collection of such social importance, covering a diverse range of topics, we assembled a stellar cast of narrators: Bernard K. Addison, Dion Graham, Lisa Renee Pitts,Bahni Turpin, and Mirron Willis. In addition to each being actors from film and television (not to mention theater!), all are award-winning narrators as well.  These energetic narrators maintain Du Bois’ intensity as they bring his words to life nearly 100 years later.  The issues Du Bois raised, and about which he wrote so passionately, continue to remain relevant today.

Make sure you hear them for yourself. 

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