Release Date: May 10, 2016
Author: Lynn Raimondo
Book: 3
Director: Claire Bloom /Pubisher: Skyboat Media and Blackstone Audio

Absorbing…Raimondo does a good job highlighting some current academic controversies, but the book’s main strength is the flawed Angelotti, whose self-deprecating, wry humor in the face of his disability serves to offset some decidedly dark subject matter.

Publisher's Weekly

“Lynne Raimondo was a lawyer with a major Chicago law firm before she left to write mystery novels. It shows in her slick and often savage portrayal of law in this excellent series featuring Dr. Mark Angelotti, a blind psychiatrist also working for a major Chicago law firm. This is the third book in the series-I read it and then promptly went and got the other two.”-Globe and Mail

He’s back. Narrator Stefan Rudnicki brings us back for the third installment in the acclaimed Mark Angelotti Series.

Abused wife or cold-blooded killer? That’s what psychiatrist Mark Angelotti is trying to figure out in DANTE’S DILEMMA. Did Rachel Lazarus murder and mutilate her husband, a University of Chicago professor? Or is someone setting her up? After noticing some disturbing parallels between Rachel’s history and his own, can Mark remain an objective witness for the prosecution?

Listen to DANTE’S DILEMMA and find out. Purchase your copy now!

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