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“Months before we actually got to recording Janis’s autobiography, SOCIETY’S CHILD, some of the issues associated with adding a musical component starting giving me nightmares.  Each chapter in the book, of course, begins with a verse from one of her songs, pertinent to the period and subject matter of that chapter.  From the start, it was clear that her music had to be a part of the audiobook.  And as we got closer to the start date, it became apparent that certain song lyrics quoted in the bodies of chapters should probably also be sung.


I started looking for the right studio to record the music, as well as talking to several top music recording engineers.  As we went into our first sessions at Skyboat Studios, everything was set for additional music sessions at a remote studio equipped with a full range of mics, stands, music mixing boards and other paraphernalia.

Well … Janis started to record her book.  

The process was so smooth, so easy, so comfortable, that I was blown away.  By the time we got into our second day, the idea of going somewhere else for the music began to sound really dumb.  Why run away from what was obviously working so very well on the spoken word side?  We talked about it, and Janis said, sure, let’s try it!  So we did a test.  Same mic.  Same basic positioning, same booth.  But now with a guitar.  And Janis, adventurous as ever, foregoing all the usual musical props and supports, did it all.  Narrated, played, sang…creating a seamless flow of words and music that gave me chills.  And still does when I listen to it.  

Thanks Janis, for your willingness to flow and go in any and all directions.”

Stefan and Janis in the Studio

Janis – Track 43

Above, listen to an exclusive behind-the-scenes recording note from Janis to Editor Ted Scott (50 Nugget Wash).

In the video below, Ted and Heather discuss their experience working on this one-of-a-kind audiobook, as well as a few others.

Thanks so much for sticking with us!  On to the Gala! Best of Love and Luck to everyone!

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  1. Alicia A. Williams says:

    Janis is a phenom and it is wonderful that the time has come for her to be celebrated for her many talents and gifts. Let’s hear it for this Jersey girl!!! Looking forward to the Audie win!!

  2. Trudi Sutherlin says:

    This book needs to be made into a movie!!!! I wish we the fans, knew who to talk to, to get our voices heard and the movie made!!!!!!!

    How about starting a fund drive to get the monies needed to make the movie!!!!!!

  3. Kathleen Brogan says:

    If you haven’t read it, read it, then listen to it. I’ve always loved Janis, but I’m awed and “truly amazed” by these publications. There’s also a companion 2 CD set that wraps up the package so nicely.

  4. Michael Albov says:

    The most compelling moving personal hours I have spent with headphones. Janis is an inspiration and the execution of the audiobook is beyond perfection.

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