Release Date: April 10, 2018
Author: Erica Stevens
Book: 1
Directed by Claire Bloom /Published by Skyboat Media and Blackstone Audio

The first tremors of the earth were felt at 7:22 EST.  Every single person felt the rumbling and experienced the tremors that would forever alter the course of history.  Most did not survive.  These are the accounts of some of those who did.

Following three sets of people, The Upheaval is filled with heartbreak and hope.  The day starts out like any other but soon goes to calamity.  From earthquake to fire to tsunami, they must face disaster from every angle-the world they once knew has shattered in just a few hours. (Summary courtesy of author website) 

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If you’d like to hear more books by  Erica Stevens, check out RAVENOUS (Ravening-Book 1), available from Skyboat Media.

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