Jonathan Maberry reigns supreme.

Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author

The war is tearing our world apart. Instead of big armies with tanks in the field, the Vampire War is fought in the streets, neighbor against neighbor, family against family. Anyone can turn at any time. The blood hunger can suddenly appear in the middle of a kiss. The person who sleeps next to you every night could wake up in the dead of night … hungry. So hungry.

V Wars: Night Terrors collects all-new stories from the reporters embedded with the beats (humans) and the bloods (vampires). Each tale explores the nature of terror and peels back another layer of our comfort. Each tale bares our throat to the bite. New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry and his team of frontline storytellers bring you all-new tales of horror and heroism, of pain and delight, of deadly despair and soaring courage. The war between beats and bloods is blazing. Pick a side. –

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Table of Contents:

Breaking News – narrated by Stefan Rudnicki

Absence of Light – narrated by Richard Gilliland

Family Ties – narrated by Sunil Malhotra

Lock, Load and Fire – narrated by Stephen Hoye

Love Lost – narrated by Gabrielle de Cuir

Streets of Fire – narrated by P.J. Ochlan & Cassandra Campbell

Bloods – narrate by Sunil Malhotra

The Low Man – narrated by Alex Hyde-White

A Day in the Life – narrated by Cassandra Campbell & Sunil Malhotra

The Monster Inside – narrated by P.J. Ochlan

The Rush – narrated by Richard Gilliland

Her Corner of the Sky – narrated by Cassandra Campbell

The Hippo II – narrated by Stephen Hoye & Jamye Méri Grant

Heroes Don’t Wear Spandex – narrated by Gabrielle de Cuir & Stefan Rudnicki

Weaponized Revenge – narrated by Arthur Morey

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