The basic document with which all future studies of the [House Un-American Activities] Committee will have to begin.

Dalton Trumbo, Academy Award–winning screenwriter and novelist

Sometimes a very special work comes along that transcends the usual audiobook hoopla and moves into a realm of vital social importance.  This is one of those works.

We have been passionate about this work for over a decade.  Eric Bentley, the brilliant scholar, editor, and literary critic who put this tome together, was Stefan’s professor, and we have been trying to get this published on audio for years.  In short, this book is a collection of testimonies from the thirty-year record of the House Un-American Activities Committee, focusing on HUAC’s treatment of artists, intellectuals, and performers.  It serves as a warning for the future and creates living history from the documentary record.

Warning: this is NOT your typical audiobook.  This is a period of American history recreated, a trip back in time, straight into the gavel-banging, paper-shuffling courtroom of the era, complete with spirited argument, testimony, and objections.  This is “HUAC as spectacle,” which is why we got ourselves some monster talent.  Enter Burt Reynolds, Roscoe Lee Brown, Jim Meskimen, Richard Gilliland, Robertson Dean, Stefan Rudnicki, Stephen Hoye, Nathan Dana Aldrich, Arthur Morey, Alex Hyde-White, Sunil Malhotra, Christian Rummel, Gabrielle de Cuir, Molly Underwood.  The result? Passionate performances that will engross today’s listeners just as these trials captivated the public eighty years ago. This piece of audio theater offers an exciting inside look into the past.

Volume 3: 1953–1968 is the final, chilling installment in this piece of living history.

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