Release Date: March 3, 2015
Author: Sarban
Publisher: Skyboat Media & Blackstone Audio


E. F. Bleiler, author and scholar

Writing under a pseudonym, publishing only three works in his lifetime, working as a diplomat in the UK –- well it’s understandable if you don’t know much about John William Wall (1910-1989) aka Sarban.

But, really, when have we ever let a little obscurity stop us? (And maybe all we need is the right TV series to bring him back in the main stream — right, Robert W. Chambers?).

We’re very passionate about Sarban’s work, and are honored to feature him in our SkyBooks imprint. So passionate, in fact, that we have put all three of his works on audio!

Now up: THE DOLL MAKER. This eerie and haunting Victorian Gothic tale produces certifiable goosebumps. And you can be sure narrator Gabrielle de Cuir uses her multitude of talents to turn up the terror. In this age of CGI, this should definitely be on some talented filmmaker’s to-do list. Hitchcock would’ve blown this one out of the water.

The setting is an Oxford boarding school, and the plot revolves around Claire Lydgate and her haunting adventures with her next door neighbor, The Doll Maker.

Purchase your copy today, and don’t forget about Sarban’s other titles too…if you dare.

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