Release Date: June 3, 2014
Author: Sarban
Director: Claire Bloom / Publisher: Skyboat Media and Blackstone Audio

Sarban is one of the old weird authentics. No outline of mine can possibly convey the skill with which old man Sarban maintains suspense and builds up imagined fears upon unimagined horrors.

Daily Express

Sarban was the pen name of John William Wall (1910-1989), a British writer and diplomat known for writing thrilling fantasy and alternative histories.

THE SOUND OF HIS HORN is a classic novel of the uncanny.  Alan Querdillion escapes a prisoner of war camp only to find himself in an alternative future in which the Nazis have won the Second World War.  Against a sylvan backdrop, the legend of the Wild Huntsman is revived and genetic experiments have created strange hybrids.  Humans are hunted for game, haunted by the sound of the Huntsman’s horn.

Dive into this haunting alternative history today.

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