Release Date: March 6, 2018
Author: Terry Maggert
Book: 2
Skyboat Media

Again, Terry Maggert has drawn me into a world I fell in love with in Heartborn. I cannot wait to read more from this Author. What a fantastic read!

Marnie Warren

Skyboat Media  continues the audio adventure with MOONBORN, the second book in THE SHATTERED SKIES SERIES by Terry Maggert.

Livvy Foster has a new heart, home, and place in the sky of her new world.

The fall of Sliver was only the beginning of a civil war.  Angels from across the sky challenge each other to lead a world where time and magic are tools for war.

When House Selinus attempts to become the supreme power in a distant future, they confront a goddess who is older than time itself–and she’ll stop at nothing to get the one soul who escaped her deadly grasp:  Livvy.  With deceit, war and love swirling in the clouds above a shattered world that was once Livvy’s home, she’ll be asked to do something a girl with a broken heart never thought possible.  Fight for Windhook.  Fight for her world.  Take wing with Livvy, one heartbeat at a time. (Summary courtesy of Amazon).

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If you want to know where it all began, listen to HEARTBORN, Book 1 in THE SHATTERED SKIES SERIES.  Available on downpour.com.

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