In this exciting continuation of the Red Angel Series, Anna Paulus and her Naval Intelligence Agency teammates have a new assignment.  This time, their objective is to stop a group of raiders responsible for various robberies throughout the United Alliance of Stars.  In each case, the raiders left no witnesses and destroyed all of the surveillance equipment in each of the facilities.  They know exactly where to go for the easiest escape.  It’s almost like they have inside information…

Things become even more dangerous for Anna as she and her team discover that the raiders have no intention of letting them live once they’ve found out who’s been attempting to stop them.

How does it end?

Purchase your copy of Red Angel-Book II:  Raiders and find out.

If you like what you hear, see where it all began with Red Angel-Book I:  Smugglers and learn what happens next with Red Angel-Book III:  Hijackers. 

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