Release Date: October 17, 2017
Author: C.R. Daems
Book: 1
Published by Skyboat Media

Wow! This book is a fast-paced page turner, and kept my interest from the very first page. C.R. Daems' story-telling ability is evident in his extremely readable and enjoyable work.

Five Star Review by Chris Fischer for Readers' Favorite

As a child, Anna Paulus nearly dies of a deadly virus that killed her parents, but is saved by a red-headed poisonous krait.  She thinks it was sent by a Red Angel to take her to her dead parents in Heaven.

The krait, however, is not a cure, and Anna must have it close to her to survive.  If she’s separated from the snake, which she calls Red, she will die within a matter of days.  Theirs is a symbiotic arrangement.  Something in the snake’s poison causes the virus to go into remission.

Having to carry a venomous snake around for survival does not make life easy for Anna.  It either isolates her or attracts unwanted attention from thieves.

Anna puts her isolation to good use and becomes an outstanding student with a unique ability to solve puzzles.  So unique that she’s recruited by Naval Intelligence as a codebreaker.  She and her team try to track down interstellar smugglers, who retaliate with assassins and smuggler war cruisers.

Will Anna and her team be able to take down the smugglers and still stay alive?

Purchase your copy of RED ANGEL-BOOK I:  SMUGGLERS today and find out!

Can’t get enough of Anna and Red? 

Check out the next books in the series:  RED ANGEL-BOOK II:  RAIDERS and RED ANGEL BOOK III:  HIJACKERS.

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