Release Date: May 9, 2017
Author: Owen Parr
Book: 1
Director: Claire Bloom /Published by Skyboat Media

Parr has a knack for creating memorable characters that come to life in the pages of his novels.-Tom Spencer


Meet Joey Mancuso, formerly of the NYPD, and now half-owner of Captain O’Brian’s Irish Pub and Cigar Bar.  It was a forced career change.

Meet Father Dominic O’Brian, Joey’s half-brother.  Aside from being the pub’s other half-owner and a Catholic priest, he helps Joey solve crime.

And then, there’s FBI Special Agent Marcela “Marcy” Martinez who’s investigating this crime as well. Did we mention she’s also Joey’s girlfriend?

They all come together to try to figure out what actually happened to Jonathan Parker.

Why would a hedge fund manager jump to his death after landing a big new account? The man came in to celebrate the night before. Life was good.  Then, it wasn’t?  And what about the hit and run accident of his assistant?

There’s definitely more to the story. Things like money laundering, insider trading, and a Ponzi scheme.

So what really happened?

Listen and find out.

Purchase your copy today .

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