Release Date: March 14, 2017
Author: Bill Stokes
Directed by Claire Bloom and Cassandra de Cuir /Published by Paul Stokes and Skyboat Media

“I have always wanted to write the great American novel.  This may be as close as I’ll get.  If it isn’t great, at least it’s American.” -From the Author’s Note (First Edition)

Thanks to Skyboat Media and Stokes Creative, fans of Bill Stokes can listen to this great American comedy novel, HI-HO SILVER, ANYWAY, as an audiobook.

HI-HO SILVER, ANYWAY is a compilation of some of his best columns. His accessible writing style and keen observation have made him a joy to read over the years.  He clearly enjoys his home state of Wisconsin and its people.  It’s no mystery that Bill Stokes is called “Wisconsin’s favorite journalist.” Thanks to his grandson, Paul Stokes, audiobook listeners can now appreciate this wonderful storyteller as well.

Read by MacLeod Andrews, RC Bray, James Foster, Joe Hempel, Stefan Rudnicki, and David Stifel, HI-HO SILVER, ANYWAY takes us into the everyday, the outdoor, the trivial, the humorous, and the serious. Everyone will recognize themselves or others in these stories.  It doesn’t matter where you’re from.  It’s that joy in the everyday that makes Bill Stokes such so relatable.

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