Release Date: January 1, 2015
Author: Ben Bova
Publisher: Blackstone Audio

An exciting collection of SF stories by Hugo Award–winning author Ben Bova

No matter what strange forms the future takes, says Ben Bova in his introduction, crime and criminals will always be with us—and with them, the need for law enforcement.

Included in this collection of short stories are the full-length novel City of Darkness and “Brillo”—the famous collaboration between Bova and Harlan Ellison. Purchase your copy today!

Table of Contents:

City of Darkness – Stefan Rudnicki

Vince’s Dragon – Gabrielle de Cuir

Brillo – Stefan Rudnicki

Out of Time – Gabrielle de Cuir

Test in Orbit – Stefan Rudnicki

Stars, Won’t You Hide Me? – Paul Boehmer

Diamond Sam – Gabrielle de Cuir & Stefan Rudnicki

Escape! – Paul Boehmer


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