Release Date: March 22, 2016
Author: Lee French
Book: 2
Director: Claire Bloom/ Publisher: Skyboat Media and Blackstone Audio

Dragons in Chains certainly lived up to my hopes on what a second book in this series would be. The world deepened nicely without drowning me, and French managed her stable of characters nicely without making me feel overwhelmed. Better yet, she created a conflict with two sides, adding more gray to the overarching story.

Which, of course, means i want the next book. Now, please.


A warlord, a cruise ship, a splashdown.  Dragons in Chains is the second installment in the Maze Beset Trilogy, picking up where Dragons in Pieces left off.  Everyone got too comfortable. Now it’s up to Bobby and Stephen to find the lost eleven.

Stefan Rudnicki continues as narrator on this exciting series.

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