Release Date: March 27, 2018
Author: Angie Singleton
Directed by Claire Bloom /Published by Skyboat Media

Readers interested in Christian and inspirational stories, as well as those curious about the unique challenges facing biracial children, will appreciate this tale of struggle and triumph.


Meet Diamond Pearl Hope.

Diamond was born to a white father and an African-American mother.  At ten years old, Diamond’s mother dies and she’s sent to live with relatives who are anything but kind because of her mixed race.

Eventually, Diamond is rescued from a bad situation by the Department of Family Services.  She is placed with a white couple who eventually adopt her.

After graduating from college, Diamond gets her first job as a news reporter.  She also meets and marries an abusive man who’s twice her age.  After defending herself against his latest drunken violence by hitting him with a lamp, Diamond is arrested for aggravated battery.  While there, she comes face to face with the man she never thought she’d meet and with the real truth.

Narrator Lisa Reneé Pitts brings author Angie Singleton‘s creation to life.

Purchase your copy of DIAMOND’S FATE here.

Want to know what happens next? 

Listen to DIAMOND’S ‘OUT OF THE CLOSET’ LOVER.  Also available on downpour.com.


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