Release Date: September 5, 2017
Author: Wil Wheaton
Directed by Gabrielle de Cuir /Published by Skyboat Media

All I can say is WOW! What a great creepy story that is this novelette by Wil Wheaton. As the title of this review suggests, it is a campfire story that grown-ups would tell to scare the hell out of each other. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. The narrative is compelling and the suspense keeps building until the end. I began to suspect the ending in the last page or so but, was surprised when it finally resolved.

Wil has done a great job of crafting this tale down to the tiniest details. Who knew you could do that sort of world building in a novelette/ short story.

Thank you for helping me live inside Jay’s head and experience the pain and heartfelt emotion being experienced. I even shed a tear.

I would recommend reading this in the daylight.

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Wil Wheaton has a new novellette, “a campfire story for grown-ups,” if you will,  and Skyboat Media is proud to help him bring it to audio.

DEAD TREES GIVE NO SHELTER is about Jay Turner, a broken and lonely man who has been adrift since his brother’s murder when they were children. Now, after twenty years away, Jay has come back to his hometown of Garron, Ohio, to uncover the truth about his brother’s death. (Synopsis courtesy of the author’s website.)

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