Release Date: February 9, 2016
Author: Lisa Manzione
Book: 3
Publisher: Skyboat Media

After Venice, Cairo, and Rio, our favorite traveling Chihuahuas were ready to visit some more new places.

In THE ADVENTURES OF BELLA & HARRY, VOL. 3:  LET’S VISIT ATHENS! LET’S VISIT BARCELONA! LET’S VISIT BEIJING!, join Bella and Harry as they take in the sites and sounds of three of the world’s great cities.

In Athens, Bella and Harry visit the Acropolis, The Olympic Stadium, the Parthenon and Harry gets a lesson about the Temple of Athena Nike (not the shoes) and Greek mythology.

A dragon in Barcelona? The Gaudi Dragon, that is. Bella and Harry visit this famous piece of art and other exciting landmarks like Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia and the Casa Batillo before stopping to sample some delicious tapas.

Next, they’re off to Beijing. How about a game of hide and seek and a toboggan ride 0n the great wall of China? Or a visit to the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven? Bella and Harry sure know how to have fun. And they manage to pick up some Mandarin Chinese phrases and tai chi tips along the way.

The award-winning Bella & Harry series explores travel in a way that’s fun for children and will hopefully instill a love of exploring new places and a curiosity about different cultures.

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Stay tuned for Bella & Harry’s next adventures in THE ADVENTURES OF BELLA & HARRY, VOL. 4:  LET’S VISIT EDINBURGH!, LET’S VISIT ROME!, LET’S VISIT BERLIN!

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