“The new suit’s mouth went thin, and he slapped Bobby across the face. He tried to, at least. His hand connected with Bobby’s face, but he burst into the swarm with the impact, so the suit’s hand went right through his head.  Hundreds of tiny robot dragons, all outraged that this man dared to hit Bobby, converged on that hand to destroy it.”

cover-audio-french-dragons in chainsEveryone got comfortable. Too comfortable. With soft beds, good food, contentment, how could you not? But, where are the lost eleven? Bobby wants to find out. As do we.

Author Lee French and narrator Stefan Rudnicki continue the story begun with “Dragons in Pieces” with this second installment of the Maze Beset Trilogy, “Dragons in Chains.”

“Dragons in Chains” certainly lived up to my hopes on what a second book in this series would be.  The world deepened nicely without drowning me, and French managed her stable of characters nicely without making me feel overwhelmed.  Better yet, she created a conflict with two sides, adding more gray to the overarching story.

Which, of course, means I want the next book. Now, please.

-Erik Kort’s review on Goodreads

Your wish is our command.

cover-audio-french-Dragons In FlightIn the exciting conclusion to the Maze Beset Trilogy, “Dragons in Flight,” Bobby learns things he doesn’t want to know, does things he doesn’t want to do, and says things he doesn’t want to say.  What does a guy have to do to get a beer around here?

This final book in the Maze Beset Trilogy is super exciting. French tones down the philosophical musings of Bobby and focuses on the immediate danger for the group. Bobby once again must free them all, but this time it’s different. This time they are up against something completely different, yet working for the same people. This time, Bobby will truly learn what Maze Beset means and where they all came from, who gave them their unusual eyes. Everyone has their theories, but Bobby will finally learn the truth.

-author and reviewer Rachel Barnard on Goodreads

How does it end?  Purchase your copy of “Dragons in Flight” today and find out.

Need to go back to the beginning?  Listen to “Dragons in Pieces” and “Dragons in Chains.”

Available on Downpour.com.

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