I’ve been reading science fiction since I was around 7 years old, and here I am, nominated for a Hugo Award, the most prestigious genre award there is. This is all thanks to John Joseph Adams at Lightspeed Magazine, which has been a finalist three times now.

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But this time I’m on the masthead as co-editor for adapting 4 stories each month into podcasts. That means audio! And I realized something. John has insisted on calling these recordings adaptations. And they are. When you think about it, you can’t just record a story, a book, anything really…without changing it. It has to transform to some degree to suit the new medium. Hence “adaptation.”

Stefan Rudnicki
Thanks John for sharing the honor with me (and the 20 or so narrators and directors and editors who participated in our adaptations) and for introducing me to some of the finest new writers in the genre.


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  1. Eleah Horwitz says:

    How exciting, Gabrielle! Congratulations on your Hugo nomination!

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