As mentioned in our post on Finalist #6, launched the a-list collection, “an audiobook series showcasing tour-de-force performances by Hollywood’s biggest stars” in 2012, and Skyboat has been lucky enough to be involved in several of these terrific projects throughout the previous year.  If you’ve been sticking with us, you’ve already been led down the proverbial yellow brick road of Anne Hathaway’s approach to THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ, and we’re just thrilled to announce that two more a-listers have found their way into the elite group of this year’s Audie finalists.

First up is SLOUCHING TOWARDS BETHLEHEM, written by Joan Didion, narrated by Diane Keaton, and a finalist in the category of Short Stories/Collections.  Watch’s exclusive interview below to hear Keaton discuss the myriad of reasons as to why she was thrilled for the opportunity to read Didion’s powerful collection of essays.  And get a sneak listen here.  Diane Keaton

Our next finalist is BEING THERE, written by Jerzy Kosinski, narrated by Dustin Hoffman, and a finalist in the category of Male Solo Narration.  Hoffman chose to read Kosinski’s novel not only for its poeticism, but also because he knew him way back when.  Learn more about Hoffman’s experience narrating his friend’s work in this interview by  And hear the terrific result right here.  Dustin Hoffman

Grammy-winning Stefan Rudnicki worked as Director and Producer on both projects, as well as on audiobooks with other a-listers such as Annette Bening reading Virginia Woolf’s MRS. DALLOWAY and Hilary Swank’s rendition of PACK OF TWO by Caroline Knapp.  Watch the video below to hear Stefan share his experience working with some of Hollywood’s brightest stars inside the booth.

Eight down, two to go!  Stay with us, dear readers.  Our best wishes to all nominees.


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