A lovely Sunday in Los Angeles.  March, 2012.  Girls clinked mimosas at brunch.  Homeowners mowed their lawns.  Two families met for a picnic in Griffith Park.  But unbeknownst to all of them, up in the San Fernando Valley, a surreptitious meeting of the minds was taking place: one in Los Angeles, the other in New York.

The east coast brain belonged to Seth Rudetsky, Sirius/XM host, expert in all things Broadway, and author of My Awesome/Awful Popularity Plan, a young adult novel that Audible, Inc. rightly branded as “endearingly human and laugh-out-loud funny.”  The west coast mind was none other than Jesse Tyler Ferguson, hilarious star of the hit comedy “Modern Family.”  After weeks of trying to get together to record Seth’s second novel, these two talents settled on collaborating via technology, and boy are we glad they did.  Watch the trailer below to get a sneak peek of the reality show episode Seth centered on his audiobook recording process.  Spoiler alert: the answer to the question he sets up is Skyboat Media!

We here at Skyboat Media were lucky enough to host Jesse as he and Seth recorded their dialogue via Skype, and the result speaks for itself.  With a knockout cast featuring television and Broadway mega-stars such as Megan Hilty, Andrea Burns, Ana Gasteyer, Paul Castree, Marc Kudisch, Josh Gad, Will Swenson, James Wesley, and Jayme Mattler, we’re not surprised that the project has been nominated in the category of Multi-Voiced Performance.  Click here to see what we mean.

As always, thanks for reading!  And keep tuning in here for more Audie-inspired fun!

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