The recording of ENDER’S GAME ALIVE may be in the rearview mirror, but it’s actually now that the real work begins.  With eight live mics, nearly thirty actors, literally thousands of audio stems, an original score, and countless sound effects to juggle, the only thing that allows us to sleep at night is knowing that Ted and Heather Scott of 50 Nugget Wash Productions are the drivers behind this runaway train.

Ted is the genius, the masterer, the editor, the artist who thinks about sound not only in terms of each individual scene, but in terms of each individual character.  And there are over one hundred characters, folks, so yes, he’s that amazing.  Heather is our sound designer extraordinaire and also heads up quality control, which, considering the magnitude of this project, is a feat that makes Sisyphus’ fate seem like a game of hopscotch.  She’ll be the one to steer us through each and every sound effect, from a patter of footsteps to a slamming door to a spaceship launching into outer space.  Yes, child, dream jobs DO exist.  Perhaps needless to say, there’s plenty to talk about when we all get in a room together.  However, Ted and Heather work their magic out in Colorado, so we’ve begun Skyping through our meeting sessions on sound.  Watch the first one of many above to catch Ted do the Formic shuffle.

Unsurprisingly, the Scotts have passed their prodigy on to their progeny.  Shankara Scott, their 13-year-old musical wonderkid, has signed on as our official EGA post-production correspondent.  He’ll watch his parents hard at work through the entire post-production process, likely catching moments of genius, glee, silliness, and maybe a dash of terror, all to the tune of the family parrot, Gracie, who squawks happily in the background.  Watch Shankara’s first video below in which he delightfully introduces us all to the brand spanking new headquarters of 50 Nugget Wash Productions and looks suspiciously like Ender Wiggin himself.  It’s probably only a matter of time before we tune in to find him floating around zero gee in a battle suit.  Toguro!
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