Release Date: June 4, 2013
Author: Joseph J. Ellis
Director: Gabrielle de Cuir / Publisher: Random House

In Revolutionary Summer, the eminent historian Joseph Ellis describes the events surrounding the birth of America during the summer of 1776 (loosely defined as May through October of that year). Ellis's stated aim is to treat the military and political events of the period in tandem, and he skillfully establishes that there were two different sets of goals at stake: George Washington’s Continental Army considered independence an inevitability, while the Continental Congress considered it a last resort. A Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winner, Ellis recently retired as the Ford Foundation Professor of History at Mount Holyoke College. Reading Revolutionary Summer is like receiving a distinguished lecture from a man who has dedicated many fruitful decades to breathing life into our understanding of history—he makes Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and others of the era come alive for the reader.

Chris Schluep

The summer months of 1776 witnessed the most consequential events in the story of our country’s founding. While the thirteen colonies came together and agreed to secede from the British Empire, the British were dispatching the largest armada ever to cross the Atlantic to crush the rebellion in the cradle. The Continental Congress and the Continental Army were forced to make decisions on the run, improvising as history congealed around them. In a brilliant and seamless narrative, Ellis meticulously examines the most influential figures in this propitious moment, including George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Britain’s Admiral Lord Richard and General William Howe. He weaves together the political and military experiences as two sides of a single story, and shows how events on one front influenced outcomes on the other.

“The range of perspectives—British and American, patriot and loyalist, framed with our growing understanding of how much might have turned out very differently—makes this a complex and often suspenseful narrative. Rudnicki helps make it easy to follow even with frequent interruptions and vacation distractions—making this, in other words, an ideal summertime book. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award” –AudioFile Magazine Review
Revolutionary Summer tells an old story in a new way, with a freshness at once colorful and compelling. Purchase your copy today!

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