Release Date: October 4, 2016
Directed by Jodi Dorries /Publisher: Skyboat Media

Series fans will cheer as Quarry bests his opponents with commendable ease.

Publishers Weekly

Is there a line that a hit man won’t cross?  That’s the question in QUARRY IN THE BLACK, the latest installment in the highly popular Quarry series by Max Allan Collins.

It’s 1972 and a controversial presidential election is weeks away. (Sound familiar?) The Broker has a new gig for Quarry. And a $25,000 paycheck.

The target is a seemingly upright civil rights crusader named Reverend Raymond Wesley Lloyd. Is he really the hero he seems to be?  And who’s Quarry’s real client? Listen and find out.

Narrator Stefan Rudnicki returns as Quarry (not his real name, of course), everyone’s favorite hitman with an attitude in this fine audiobook production.

Want more Quarry?  Check out QUARRY’S CHOICE, THE FIRST QUARRY, QUARRY IN THE MIDDLE, and THE LAST QUARRY. Available on www.downpour.com

If that’s still not enough, Quarry also has his own series on Cinemax. Not bad for a hitman.



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