Bella & Harry are packed and ready to go again.  Join Skyboat Media’s award-winning audiobook narrator Gabrielle de Cuir as she takes us on another journey (actually three) with our favorite world-traveling Chihuahuas.

First stop is Dublin, Ireland.  Bella & Harry visit sites such as Trinity College Library, Blarney Castle and the Cliffs of Moher.  To Harry’s delight, they also visit Giant’s Causeway (where he hopes to see a real giant) and the National Leprechaun museum. They also sample some local cuisine such as Irish stew and soda bread. (Yummy!)

Next on the itinerary is Maui in the Hawaiian Islands.  Get out those hula skirts.  Bella & Harry “hang ten” while surfing in Wailea, visit Haleakala, take a helicopter ride, and visit a black sand beach.  At a luau, they get to eat some authentic Hawaiian dishes such as poi and lomi lomi salmon and watch a Samoa Fire Knife dance.

Their final destination is St. Petersburg, Russia.  Bella & Harry visit the awe-inspiring Grand Palace of Tsar Peter the Great, ride a hydrofoil in the Gulf of Finland, take in some of the world’s great art treasures at the State Hermitage Museum, and Bella gets to perform with the Mariinsky Ballet! All those adventures make a puppy hungry.  Chicken Kiev, borscht, and a traditional Russian salad (what we would call a potato salad) will take care of that.


This is a wonderful childrens’ series which endorses learning about geography. How can you go wrong with Chihuahuas and travel? A fabulous gift for your child or grandchild as they embark on international travel!

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If you’d like to listen to all of Bella & Harry’s Adventures, check out these items available on

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About the author and the Bella & Harry series:

Photo by Amy Beth Bennett

The Bella and Harry series of children’s books is Lisa Manzione’s first foray into children’s fiction writing.  As a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Lisa’s entrance into the field of literature is one she has eagerly awaited and is very passionate about.  As the daughter of a single parent who worked for a major airline, Lisa’s exposure to (and interest in) travel began at an early age.  Later in life, as Lisa’s own children grew up and her love of animals continued, the idea for the Bella and Harry series was born.

The series was developed with the hope of inspiring young readers to embrace the world and encourage its exploration.  Done through the comedic and informative adventures of Bella and Harry, while traveling through various countries, Lisa hopes to stimulate children’s imaginations and foster a thirst for understanding the world in which they live. (From the author’s website)

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