Release Date: August 12, 2014
Author: Edie Claire
Book: 8
Publisher: Skyboat Media & Blackstone Audio

Edie Claire is a bright new addition to the mystery world. Along with appealing characters and a blessedly lucid writing style, she delivers a solid plot that keeps the pages turning.

Margaret Maron

At Skyboat we like three things: murderous mysteries, exultant endings, and amusing alliterations.  Lucky for us, Edie Claire provides all three (and then some)!  Novelist and playwright Edie Claire is also a veterinarian, a childbirth educator, and a mother of three who delights in writing the Leigh Koslow cozy mystery series, classic and young adult romance novels, and stage comedies.

In this eighth book in the Leigh Koslow Mystery Series, Leigh’s intrepid Aunt Bess decides that an abandoned building with a dark and mysterious past is the perfect theater for her local theater troupe. When things start to go awry, however, Leigh and her friend Detective Maura Polanski begin to unravel the link between murders of the past and growing threats of the present.

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