Release Date: October 7, 2014
Skyboat Media & Blackstone Audio

The tension and terror of [Dread Journey] are such that few will be able to lay the book down unfinished.

The New York Times

On a train from LA to Chicago, starlet Kitten Agnew learns that Hollywood’s most acclaimed (and most dangerous) director, Vivien Spender, is planning to offer her roommate a part that was meant for her.  But fighting back could cost her her life.

Dorothy B. Hughes (1904-1993) was an American crime writer and literary critic.  She wrote fourteen crime and detective novels and is largely considered to be the finest female noir writer in the world. Award winning narrator Gabrielle de Cuir was thrilled to dive into yet another of Ms. Hughes’ tight, suspenseful tales.

Put on the coffee, grab a flashlight, and settle in for a terrific listen!

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